City of God vs. City of Man

On Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008 there was a Public Hearing at New York City Hall on Int. No. 826, a Bill concerning the prohibition of activities to prevent access to reproductive health care facilities. It is important to note, that there has already been passed, Federal, State and City Laws protecting the abortion clinics. Although there have been multiple false accusation by the abortion clinics, especially Ambulatory Surgery Center of Brooklyn, there has been no violations by or arrests of any Helpers, in respect to these Laws. Still not satisfied, the abortion providers want the City Council to pass Int. No.826 to amend the 1994 New York City Clinic Access law. This Amendment would remove the requirements found in all three previous Laws, namely “intent” that is, that it be proved that the person being accused, intended to violate the Law and secondly, that the original accuser or person making the complaint, actually give witness.. The New Law would allow abortion clinic owners to make the complaint, without the complainer appearing and without having to prove the person being accused intended to break the Law and finally to making the action itself no longer a violation but a criminal offense punishable by fine or imprisonment or both. The bill does not include any penalty for false accusations by the abortion owners. Would they make false accusations? On Dec. 21 2000, in a unanimous decision by the NYS Appellate Division, Second Department , the Ambulatory attorney was sanctioned and imposed with a $10,000 fine for misrepresenting the facts by falsely signing and notarizing 11 affidavits filed with the Court. At the New York City Hall Hearing, Ambulatory was complaining about some pictures the Helpers had in the display outside the clinic, that would disturb the patients. Please watch the video of the Helpers Prayer Vigil, entitled the City of God vs. the City of Man, that took place outside of Ambulatory Surgery Center, three days before the Public Hearing. It shows the Helpers praying and the counter demonstration outside the entrance to Ambulatory with the Administrator standing before the front entrance, given his approval. Watch the City of God vs. the City of Man video, and you tell me, who truly has respect for the patients coming to the clinic.

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November 15, 2008

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